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Charlie vox
Molly vox
Sam guitar
Jonah bass
Dexter drums



we’re touring for five weeks with pinegrove. they are easily 1000 times better than we would ever be. they will make you sadder than we can make you. listen to them and gut yourselves.

11:02 pm

still stoked on you guys coming out here to ca, best high school grad present eber
by truegrief

when i graduated high school i had to spend my whole night in a children’s play center and spent the night smoking cigarettes with my history teacher and she talked to me about pot and some kid cut his face open and had to go to the hospital

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I appreciate the music you guys put out. Good luck on whatever it is you guys continue to do after. Where can I buy physical copies of your music? Vinyl, CD's, tapes, etc.
by thisistoodifficult

Last bunch of LPs forever can be found here:

12:31 am


topshelf records “liked” that we’re breaking up and i think that means we made it. getting back together now, give us money

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Hey please don't break up
by lithiumlazer

hey sorry too late

12:03 am

Breaking up

Doin that

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tabs and tuning for More Proof?
by mafflewaker

idk about tabs but most of our stuff is in standard, that one is definitely in standard

4:39 am

when is the fucking Tawny Peaks / Brightside split happening jesus JESUS jesus
by Anonymous


it was released online by the bands


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at bein a band and a tumblr

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Tawny Peaks - Tawny Peaks

forgot we are still sellin records eh

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Tawny Peaks - Tawny Peaks

forgot we are still sellin records eh

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